FUNKSH: the evolution of function and capability, is the underlying philosophy of the FUNKSH brand and innovation team.
While everyone else was busy making new products and devices, speculating on cannabis companies that would dominate the industry, we were busy crafting a tool for life.
In development since 2007, benefitting from new design and manufacturing processes that improved each iteration, while listening to feedback, making modifications, and shipping to customers worldwide. Recognized internationally as the most finely crafted and functional cannabis industry product in the world.
FUNKSH 360 is more than a pipe, it’s a tool for life.





Kyle Vincent Boisselle

As a health and wellness professional of over twenty years, my motivation to develop this device came from seeing a man with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 smoking from a cheap pipe, then having a coughing fit. This led to an immediate recognition that medical cannabis patients needed a better tool than the rest of the cavemen, and the solution was sitting on my coffee table. My metal valve & cap pipe creation that everybody loved so much.
With the ability to easily cool and control the dose, improve flavor and smoothness, it’s optimal for anyone who smokes or vaporizes cannabis, while transcending the common problems that require replacement or repair. It’s simple to clean and use, you’ll never cough again and it’ll never let you down, I guarantee it.
All you need is FUNKSH!