The evolution of function and capability, is the underlying philosophy to the FUNKSH brand and innovation team.
Our mission is to provide solutions for improving and extending life as we know it.
Our first product is the FUNKSH 360, gaining a reputation by medical cannabis patients and connosieurs worldwide for it’s design and performance.



Kyle Vincent Boisselle

As a lifelong fitness, health and wellness industry professional of over 20 years, my motivation to develop this device from a crude pipe into a finely crafted instrument, came from the recognition in 2009 that medical cannabis patients needed a “better club than the rest of the cavemen.”
I believe cannabis is, pound for pound, one of the most powerful medicines available today, and this device the perfect instrument for inhaling it.
Anyone who says that smoking cannabis isn’t medicine, has definitely not tried this device.
The FUNKSH 360 device has been under development for several years now, benefitting from new design and manufacturing processes which have improved each iteration.
Its weight and unique design immediately demonstrate quality and durability, while having the ability to easily cool and control the inhalation combined with its ultimate versatility and discretion, is optimal for anyone who smokes or vaporizes cannabis, transcending the shortcomings of other devices.
FUNKSH 360 is more than just a pipe, it’s a tool for life.
I guarantee it!
All you need is FUNKSH!